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Secure Drive

A secure USB memory drive that is recognized only through a matching Secure Connector.

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Secure Drive


  • Applicable to all systems with USB ports.
  • For update and maintenance systems securely: financial, internet service, non-stop computer equipment,
    manufacturing line, and important system operation facility.
  • When you need to securely transfer sensitive data.


  • Implementation of non-software based secured USB memory drive (OS independent).
  • Secure Drive is not readable in other USB port without Secure Connector of same pattern.
  • Other USB drives are not readable via Secure Connector.
  • Can only be unlocked by using the Lock key of the matching pattern as the Secure Connector.
  • Capacity : 32GB (Default / Customizable)


  • Low cost of entry and no maintenance is required because Secure Drive works without any special software.
  • Easy installation and use.
  • Can be easily applied to a core infrastructure and production process where security software cannot be installed.
  • Safe even in case of loss of the Secure Drive – without the Secure Connector, Secure Drive is not recognized.


  • Developed and produced in Korea.
  • Patent pending in Korea.
  • KC, FCC, CE certified: Secure Drive.


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