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Link Lock

Physical security device to prevent unauthorized removal of attached USB device.

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Link Lock


  • Applicable to all systems with USB ports.
  • Controls all USB devices such as USB keyboard, mouse, dongle and AP.


  • If the inserted USB device is removed without permission, the port is automatically closed and the device cannot be reinserted.
  • Locking function prevents USB devices from being removed using a Link Lock cover.
  • When USB port is to be reused, it can be released only by using the Lock key of the matching pattern as the USB Link Lock.


  • Effective control of USB ports for employees and outside contractors.
  • Numerous key patterns.
  • Physical cyber security device that can control USB media without software.


  • Developed and produced in Korea.
  • Patented in Korea: 2.
  • Patented in US: 2
  • Patented in China: 1.
  • Patent Pending in EU and Japan.
  • Won Korea Patent Technology Award 2015.
  • Trademark registered in Korea.


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