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USB Port Lock

Physical security device for blocking open USB port to prevent unauthorized use. Easily inserted into USB port to prevent port use. No software or power is required.

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USB Port Lock


  • Applicable to all systems with USB ports.
  • Applicable to several Smart Keeper products as a locking device: Link Lock Hub, Network Module Lock, DVI, Serial, and Parallel Port Lock.


  • Exceptionally thin Lock Key slot to reduce the risk of forced withdrawal by foreign objects.


  • Low cost of introduction.
  • Can work hand in hand with software protection.
  • Easy installation and use.
  • No maintenance and no upgrades required.


  • Developed and produced in Korea.
  • Patented in Korea: 3.
  • Patented in US: 3.
  • Patented in China: 1.
  • Won Korea Patent Technology Award 2015.


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