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LAN Cable Lock Plus

Physical cyber security device for tethering LAN cable to the Ethernet (RJ45) port.

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LAN Cable Lock Plus


  • Applicable to all types of LAN cables.
  • For servers, PCs, network switches and patch panels.
  • For network connected devices such as CCTV and security equipment.
  • For network systems that use multiple networks for different organizational purpose.


  • Full Metal-body to strengthen the durability of LAN Cable Lock Plus.
  • Security product to prevent unplugging of network cables in use.
  • It can only be unlocked by using the lock key of the matching pattern as the LAN Cable Lock Plus.


  • Can be applied without disconnecting the cable in use, enabling security without network interruption.
  • Manage network security without introducing a separate network management system.
  • Ease of installation and use.


  • Developed and produced in Korea.
  • Patented pending in Korea, US, and EU.


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